Morning, Hyphen (Equipage)

[composed 1999—2002]

Equipage, Cambridge UK, 2003
ISBN: 1900968665

“The first time I read Peter Minter’s poetry was in his book Empty Texas.  …  [I was] exhilarated by this first contact with the fluid capability of his voice and the clarity of his communication.

“The work in Morning, Hyphen continues the fuzzy logic, the ready-or-not intelligence of his poetry that could appear impatient if it were not for the generosity of his language and of his sharing of their subject matter. He has a particular use of italics, line breaks within words, playces that could appear as misprints except you know he is too deliberate and precise. Peter Minter continues fabricating the body from experience, travelling the layers beneath the skin, poeming with syntax and meaning.

“… here is a poet …  taking to heart the line from Rilke:  ’For staying is nowhere.’ The poems retain the emotional intensity that makes his work not easy but rewarding.”

Angela Gardner, Foam:e