Blackbox Manifold

Peter Minter is a contributing editor to the English poetry and poetics journal, Blackbox Manifold, edited by Alex Huon and Adam Piette.

Blackbox Manifold is an online forum with a slant towards innovative poetry that has prose, narrative, or sequences in its sights. That said, we don’t hold allegiance to any one poetry school or group, and we’re happy to receive submissions from established and emerging poets alike. Our aim is to present new juxtapositions of voice while using the Web’s fluid solidity to cast around for as wide and varied a readership as possible.

“On occasion, a current topic or event will be the focus for an issue—in bringing together poems that warp current woofs our hope is that some news, at least, may be broken. Voices that record by trembling are always welcome. But to ensure that we don’t settle into familiar patterns, guest editors will also occasionally be invited to take charge of an issue and solicit new work. Calling on a range of poets for editorial advice is fundamental to our own collaborative approach.”

Australian poets referred to Blackbox Manifold include Thomas Lee, Kate Fagan, Michael Farrell, John Tranter and Stuart Cooke.