Empty Texas

[composed 1997—1999]

Paper Bark Press, Brooklyn, NSW Australia, 1999
ISBN 90 5704 036 0
80 pages, softcover
Cover photograph: ‘Rdurraki and Karrku, Tanami Desert’ by Jon Rhodes
Out of print


“What is remarkable … is the economy of means through which Minter manages the transformation from initial “dry end” to conclusive, unillusioned, poetic and visionary possibility.” The Times Literary Supplement

“Genuinely exhilarating, assured and truly seductive, with a control of mood and precision of vocabulary and lineation that are truly winning. Peter Minter’s poems unlock the fission of language.” Philip Mead, Australian Book Review

“Without doubt, Minter’s innovations place him in the advance guard of a new vision of Australian poetry.” Louis Armand, Meanjin

“Peter Minter’s Empty Texas is alert, ironic and romantic simultaneously. While many poets bask in their influences, Minter’s influences are the equipment he uses to discover what doesn’t exist yet, that is, to make new.” Gig Ryan, Judge’s Report, 2000 Age Poetry Book of the Year

“Peter Minter is something of a virtuoso.” Peter Craven, The Age